What We Do

Welcome to SportSense


SportSense provides classes, camps and coaching services in Netball, Volleyball and Multi-skills. We do this directly by offering classes and camps or as coaches at schools and clubs. We also do it indirectly through other services like coach education which help enable others to have a better impact on sports participation.


We focus on fun, teamwork and physical skills in a safe and supportive environment to ensure participants enjoy sport, gain confidence and reach their potential.


We help develop confidence and a life-long desire to participate in sport.

Why Do We Do It?


We believe sport can make a significant contribution to a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. It not only helps physical wellbeing but also psychological and social well-being. We also believe sport helps with other capabilities needed for life, such as teamwork, social skills, resilience, a learning mind-set, aspiring to higher goals and the value of hard work and persistence.


We are passionate about making our contribution to helping people feel empowered to play sport and enjoy it as a lifelong pastime.

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